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What Is a Plastic Extrusion Profile?

Postview: 71 Date: July 27, 2023

What Is a Plastic Extrusion Profile?


Plastic extrusion profiles are long, slender tubes, usually constructed of a strong, flexible plastic material, that can be used in a variety of industrial applications. They are produced through a carefully managed process of exporting plastic granules, molten materials through a clamp-type extruder. The process of plastic profile extrusion, in its most essential terms, is the forming of a molten material into a desired shape.

Plastic Extruded Profiles | Plastic Extrusion Profiles
Plastic Extruded Profiles

The extrusion process requires a number of components, including an extruder, a die, an extruder throat, a long-length exit section, and a coolant system. Together, they create a long tube with a preset number of holes, or profiles, that are cut into the piece. These profiles enable added connectivity and strength when they are applied to a product.


Different Types of Plastics Used in Profile Extrusion


The type of plastic being extruded will determine the characteristics of the plastic profile. Different resins, additives, and colorants can all be combined to yield different results when extruded. From highly flexible materials to rigid polymeric substrates, a number of plastics can be used to produce different shapes, sizes, and hand-feel for any application.


Flexible Plastics Plastics such as Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) are often used in applications such as door seals and utility sealing. LDPE is an ideal solution for these materials, as it resists cracking and tearing due to its flexibility.


Rigid Plastics Polypropylene (PP) is used to create hard, strong plastic extrusions. It does not shrink or swell and it holds its shape. This type of material is typically used as an electrical insulator and is found in cables and wires.


Other plastics such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Acetal (POM), Polycarbonate (PC), and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) can all be extruded for many different uses.


How Plastic Extrusion Profile Can Be Used


Plastic extrusion profiles are used in a wide variety of industries. From automotive to construction, practically any product can benefit from the use of this cost-effective process. Common uses for plastic extrusion profiles include:


Structural frames


Structural frames are used to support and enhance other products, including furniture, shelving, and building components. Structural frames are often used in the construction industry, as they can be lightweight and easily shaped into more complicated designs.


Architectural finishes


Plastic profiles are widely used in architectural finishes, such as decorative trim, façade materials, and molding. Plastic extrusion profiles can help to add style and detail to an existing product.


Housings, enclosures, and covers


Plastic profile extrusion is also used in commercial and industrial products, including electrical housings, covers, and enclosures. These products are often produced from materials such as PVC and ABS plastic.


Plastic extrusion is also a great choice for parts that require higher levels of mechanical performance and strength. For example, plastic extrusion is used to create gaskets, seals, and automotive parts.


The Benefits of Plastic Profile Extrusion


Plastic profile extrusion is a highly flexible, cost-effective process that has long been favored for its versatility. This process offers a number of advantages over the manufacture of other materials. Some of the most significant benefits include:


  • Cost-effectiveness- By relying on molds and dies, this process is less expensive than fabricating or machining products. It also offers greater cost savings when producing long-run products.


  • Versatility- Through the use of shapes and profiles, any product can be formed.


  • Strength- Plastic extrusion profile products are strong and durable.


  • Ease of Use- The extrusion process is relatively simple, and parts can be easily customized using the appropriate molds and dies.


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