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Vertical injection molding

Dalilai Plastics custom metal inserts plastic injection molding parts.

We have 5 vertical injection molding machines with a weight of 80g-120g, specializing in the production of cable connector joints and metal insert molding. The product features are small size and high vertical concentricity.

Compared to horizontal injection molding machines, the vertical insert molding of metal insert plastic products does not bump the surface of metal parts, especially the metal parts whose surface has been rust-proofed. Due to the downward gravity, the vertical injection molding machine is combined. It is easy to scratch the metal surface when the mold is used, and it also hurts the mold.

If you have any plastic parts need insert molding metal components, that we are the good choice for you. welcome contact with us for a quote, you will get a satisfied partner.

Vertical injection molding machine advantages

1. Vertical injection molding machine The same vertical center line on the injection device and the clamping device. The mold is opened and closed along the top and bottom, and the floor space is a semi-horizontal machine.

2. The injection molding machine is simple to splicing the forming die face up, easy to insert, simple and more people.

3. The mold weight level template support does not appear before the mold causes neutral (horizontal), the template cannot be opened and closed, enabling to maintain precision machinery and mold.

4. The arm can be equipped with simple, remove all plastic molds and precision molding.

5. The clamping device around the injection molding machine is an open, easy to equip with a variety of automation equipment to adapt to complex, delicate product prototypes.

6. Belt conveyor installation is easy to install through the mold, suitable for automated production.

7. It is easy to ensure the consistency of resin flow and temperature distribution.

Vertical Injection Molding Service
plastic insert molding parts

About metal insert injection molding:

Metal insert injection molding is a kind of insert model in which a metal insert is pre-fixed in a suitable position in a mold, and then injected into a plastic molding. After the mold is opened, the insert is cooled and solidified by a plastic package and is embedded in the product to obtain a thread. A method of inserting an article such as a ring or an electrode.

The part where the metal insert is embedded in the product is required to have an appropriate structure and thickness, and the part of the mold in which the insert is fixed can be quickly and reliably positioned and prevented from flowing into the fixed temple hole. The inserts also need to be specially designed, such as knurling or grooving, twisting, etc. in the embedded part to ensure the reliability of fixing inside the plastic.