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Extruded ABS Profile

China Extruded ABS profile manufacturer custom making ABS profiles according to customer’s design.
Feature: Matt
Material & Color: ABS Resin, Grey
Technics: plastic extrusion

Get the highest quality Extruded ABS Profile from China supplier, Dalilai Plastics. Topnotch ABS Profile Extrusion solutions at competitive prices. Contact us today for enquiries.

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Product Description

Dalilai Plastics – ABS Plastic Extrusion Profiles Supplier

Quality Assured Extruded ABS Profiles for a Robust Application

Dalilai Plastics is a leading supplier of quality assured extruded ABS profiles for a wide range of applications. We understand the unique needs of our clients and create customized solutions made with quality materials so that our customers can use our products in various applications. Our ABS profiles have superior performance, durability, and heat resistance, making them ideal for many applications. We have developed a wide range of ABS profiles for various uses, including medical, electrical, automotive, and other industrial applications.

What is ABS Resin?

ABS Resin is an engineering thermoplastic that is lightweight, strong, and has good temperature resistance. When formulated with proper additives, it can be used in large industrial applications and is widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive, medical, and electronic. ABS Resin also offers good chemical resistance, impact strength, and flame retardancy.

Chimei Extruded ABS Materials

At Dalilai Plastics, we specialize in extruding high quality ABS profiles, using the most advanced technologies and equipment available. Our Chimei extruded ABS materials provide superior performance, heat resistance, and durability, making them ideal for automotive, electronic, and medical applications. We understand that each customer has specific needs and requirements, so we make sure that our ABS profiles have undergone rigorous testing and certifications, so that you can have peace of mind that you get the highest quality products for your applications.

Flame Retardant ABS Profiles

We also offer flame retardant ABS profiles in our range of products. These profiles are made with fire-retardant grade materials and are the ideal choice for applications where protection against fire is a must. Our flame-retardant ABS profiles pass stringent quality tests and have been approved for use in many industries, ensuring that they meet the highest safety standards.

ABS Profiles Function and Applications

Our ABS profiles can be used in various applications, such as enclosures, protective covers, and other industrial and medical applications. ABS profiles are also widely used in automotive components, providing robust protection against corrosion and environmental stress-cracking. Additionally, ABS profiles are low-cost and offer excellent dimensional stability, making them ideal for electric vehicle applications.

ABS Characteristics

ABS resin is a thermoplastic that is lightweight, strong, and has good temperature resistance. It has good impact strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and offers low moisture absorption. ABS plastic is also easy to process, making it suitable for various industrial and medical applications.

Characteristics Extruded ABS Profile
  • Manufactured by using a single-screw extrusion process
  • Strong, low cost, lightweight and dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Low service temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
  • High service temperature range: +80°C to +100°C
Surface Finish
  • Matt
  • Glossy
  • Natural
  • Chalk white
  • Beige
  • Various colors using masterbatch

We understand the importance of quality assurance and superior performance in ABS profiles. That’s why we have developed a strict quality control process and rigorous testing on our ABS profiles, allowing our customers to rest assured that they get the highest quality every time. We also offer a wide range of customization options so that you can choose the best product that fits your needs.

Choose Dalilai Plastics Produce Your ABS Profiles

At Dalilai Plastics, we provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. We are committed to delivering quality extruded ABS profile products that meet our customers’ needs, from automotive to medical and electrical. We have one of the best customer service teams in the industry and strive to provide the best in customer satisfaction. Whether you need a custom-made ABS profile or one of our standard circuits, you can trust that we will deliver quality products to your satisfaction. We are your premier choice for ABS plastic extrusion profiles.