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Embossed Profile Plastics

China  plastic extruded products Supplier offer a unique type of extruded embossed profile plastics with an embossing process for various applications.

Item: Embossed Plastic Profiles
Feature: Embossed, Matt
Material & Color: PVC Resin, Grey
Technics: plastic extrusion + Die Embossing

Dalilai Plastics offer a wide range of embossed profile plastics that are designed to meet your exact specifications and needs.

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Product Description

Embossed Profile Plastics From Dalilai Plastics

Dalilai Plastics is a trusted supplier from China Ningbo of custom plastic extruded profiles. In this range, we offer a unique type of plastic extruded profile with an embossing process for various applications.

Overview of Embossed Profile Plastics

Our embossed profile plastics deliver a multiple range of benefits:

  • Cost-effective and reliable
  • Easy to install, shape and mold
  • Long-lasting and robust
  • Lightweight compared to other materials
  • Flexible for custom needs
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic

Technical Features of Embossed Profile Plastics

Our embossed profile plastics are customized extruded and embossed by pattern press dies. We use advanced technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality extrusion with the right embossing. We use high-quality materials that are designed to last and remain strong for years to come. The robust and light weight of these products make for an ideal choice for any application.

Plastic Extrusion with Embossing Process

The process of extruding plastic with embossing includes imposing a pattern on a thermoplastic material. This is done when the material is in its semi-solid state, known as “thermal embrittlement”. The pattern is added by an embossing die, usually consisting of a punch and a cutting surface. The material is then pushed through the die and the desired pattern is precisely imprinted on the surface.

Further Processing of Plastic Extruded Tubes

We also offer further processing for plastic extruded tubes. This includes cutting, drilling, heat bending, etching, punching, deburring, welding, and sanding. All further processing options result in products that match your exact specifications and requirements.

High Quality Products and Service

At Dalilai Plastics, all of our embossed profile plastics are made from high quality materials that are designed to last for years to come. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest standards in quality assurance and customer service. Our experienced team of technicians, engineers and skilled labor guarantee an unmatched level of excellence in everything we do.

Applications of Embossed Profile Plastics

Our profile plastics are a popular choice for many different industries and applications. They are ideal for areas that require a mechanical durability with a finishing touch. The custom-shaping process makes these plastics perfect for everything from construction to automotive uses.

Advantages of Embossed Profile Plastics

We take the utmost pride in our work and we guarantee complete satisfaction with our embossed profile plastics. Our material provides a number of unique advantages:

    • Highly durable, light weight, and flexible
    • Flat surface consistency, free from distortions
    • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
    • Cost-effective
    • Easy to shape and mold
    • Long-lasting and robust

At Dalilai Plastics, we are committed to offering you a service of excellence. We offer a wide range of embossed profile plastics that are designed to meet your exact specifications and needs. Our highly experienced team can provide professional advice and assistance to ensure that you get the best solution for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our unmatched service and products!

The common use materials for our custom plastic profiles are  PVC, ABS, PE, PP, PS, PMMA, and specially formulated modified engineering plastics.

Our capabilities include:

  • Assembly
  • Dual Durometer Extrusion
  • Heat Forming
  • In-Line Taping
  • In-Line Texturizing
  • In-Line Wood Graining
  • Notching
  • Punching
  • Routing
  • Sawing
  • Sonic Welding
  • Special Packaging & Labeling

If you need custom plastic profiles by plastic extrusion process from China, welcome contact us to discuss your project.

Technical Supports For Custom Plastic Extrusion Products

Drawings formarts:For extruded plastic products, just need 2D drawings is ok.such as in PDF or Pic. 3D files if more better.

Colors: Pantone card or RAL card.

Finish treatments: Chromed, Vacuum coating, Silk screen printing, Water transfer printing, Thermal transfer printing, Surface embossing, etc

Material Certificates:
COC, SGS, UL, ROHS certificates.

We are also produce metal parts, provide services of CNC turning, CNC Milling, Metal Stamping, welcome contact us to establish a business relationship.