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Custom Plastic Profile

China plastic extrusion company custom plastic profiles extruding according to customer’s design.

Feature: Smooth
Material & Color: PVC Resin, White
Technics: plastic extrusion

Dalilai Plastics is the right choice of custom plastic profile supplier from China, . Contact us and get a quote for our custom plastic extrusion products.

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Product Description

Custom Plastic Profile Supplier from china – Dalilai Plastics

Dalilai Plastics is a reliable custom plastic profile manufacturer in China that specializes in providing top-quality custom  plastic extrusion profiles, tubes, rods, belts, strips,cable tray,cable trunking, and other specifications of extrusion products, we have 15 years of successful experience of plastic extrusion custom services, and constantly develop various high-tech extrusion parts and extrusion molds.

At present, the factory has a large number of high-quality talents with pioneering and creative, with modern standard workshops, workshops and warehousing—-using today’s latest extruders and exquisite extrusion molding experience to manufacture molds, provide normal plastic extruding, soft and hard co-extrusion & two-colors co-extrusion services.

We custom plastic profiles, plastic extruded products for all the world, had cooperated with more than 40 Countries & Regions. Products Widely used in household appliances, LED lightings, automotive parts, craft gifts, daily necessities, construction machinery and other industries.

Plastic Profile for a Variety of Applications

We offer a wide range of custom extruded plastic profiles that serve many product requirements for both industrial and commercial applications. Our plastic products are widely used in automotive, construction, healthcare, consumer electronics, furniture, and other industries. Our experienced team can therefore ensure that your product complies with all the specified standards and requirements.

Common Materials for Plastic Profile

Our company utilizes common materials such as PVC, PP, PE, TPE, PS, PU, and PMMA for the production of custom plastic profiling. All these materials offer considerable resistance to varied temperatures and have superior mechanical properties that ensure an extended life.

Excellent Quality and Extended Warranty

The tailored plastic profiles manufactured by Dalilai Plastics have excellent quality and come with an extended warranty. We only provide the best quality product and follow the most current industry regulations. We also use modern machinery and cutting-edge technologies for inspecting the quality of our products during the manufacturing process.

Custom Extruded Plastic Profile Design

We can customize any plastic profile that meets the customer’s needs and specifications. Dalilai Plastics is known for its proficiency in custom extrusion designs, our talented engineers specialize in various complex designs and can manufacture them with the highest precision. We can develop specialty plastic profiles according to your preference and ensure a quality product that meets all the desired requirements.

Cost-Effective Price & On-Time Delivery

At Dalilai Plastics, our custom plastic extrusions come with competitive prices and with reliable on-time delivery solutions. Our extensive experience in manufacturing and our technically sound production process ensure that we can deliver the required product on time and in the given budget.

Our capabilities include:

  • Assembly
  • Dual Durometer Extrusion
  • Heat Forming
  • In-Line Taping
  • In-Line Texturizing
  • In-Line Wood Graining
  • Notching
  • Punching
  • Routing
  • Sawing
  • Sonic Welding
  • Special Packaging & Labeling

Technical Supports For Custom Plastic Profiles Extrusion

Drawings formarts:For extruded plastic products, just need 2D drawings is ok.such as in PDF or Pic. 3D files if more better.

Colors: Pantone card or RAL card.

Finish treatments: Chromed, Vacuum coating, Silk screen printing, Water transfer printing, Thermal transfer printing, Surface embossing, etc

Material Certificates:
COC, SGS, UL, ROHS certificates.

Contact for Custom Plastic Profiles

If you are looking for a reliable plastic profile supplier from China, Dalilai Plastics is the right choice. Contact us and get a quote for our custom plastic extrusion products. We strive to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that you get the perfect product for your requirement and within your budget.

We are also produce metal parts, provide services of CNC turning, CNC Milling, Metal Stamping, welcome contact us to establish a business relationship.