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ABS Extruded Profile

China plastic extrusion products manufacturer custom making ABS extruded profiles according to customer’s design.
Feature: Matt
Material & Color: ABS Resin, Grey
Technics: plastic extruding

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Product Description

ABS Extruded Profile from Dalilai Plastics

Dalilai Plastics is a reliable supplier in ABS extruded profile from China. We specialize in providing cost-effective and top-notch quality products to our customers with quick delivery.

Features of Material ABS Resin

ABS resin is a widely used thermoplastic resin material which is composed of Acrylonitrile (C3H3N), Butadiene (C4H6) and Styrene (C6H5CH=CH2). It has good mechanical properties, heat-resistant and impact-resistant functions, with excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, salts and many organic compounds.

Chimei material for ABS Extrusion

Chimei ABS resin offers superior molecular structure for improved balance of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The incredible performance in terms of toughness, impact strength, gloss retention and easy processability make it ideal for cosmetic and high-performance applications.

Flame Retardant ABS Profiles

We offer flame-retardant ABS profiles which are known for their ability to protect the surface against fire and improve the fire safety of the project. These ABS profiles are superior in flame retardancy, impact strength, corrosion resistance, wear and abrasion resistance and surface hardness.

ABS Extruded Profile Functions

The ABS profiles supplied by Dalilai Plastics serve several functions such as profile extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, welding, machining, thermoforming, etc. Our ABS profiles provide excellent weatherability and excellent balance of mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties.

ABS Profiles Applications

ABS profiles from Dalilai Plastics are used for outdoor and indoor lighting, electrical engineering parts, automotive lighting, LED Lighting, switches, connectors, toys, electronic products, communications products, home appliances, tools, furniture, medical equipment, electric vehicles and more.

Why Choose ABS Profiles from Dalilai Plastics?

Dalilai Plastics specialize in ABS extrusion, and provide quality-based products. We have a well-experienced team to ensure top-notch quality products. In addition, our ABS Profiles comes with complete Eco-friendly ingredient declarations, that are ROHS Directive Compliant.

ABS Profiles Characteristics

ABS Character
Characteristics Chimei Extruded ABS materials Flame retardant ABS materials
Tensile Strength ≥50MPa ≥48MPa
Bending Strength ≥95MPa ≥90MPa
Flexural Modulus ≥1800MPa ≥1700MPa
Vicat Softening Temp. ≥80.0℃ ≥79.0℃
Surface Hardness(Hs) 125-140 120-140
Melt Index(g/10min) 3.0-4.0 3.0-4.0

Custom ABS Extruded Profiles Choose Dalilai Plastics

At Dalilai Plastics, we take pride in providing reliable ABS resin material for your ABS extruded profile requirements. Professional and reliable plastic extrusion products manufacturers, dedicated to your service. Contact us now to get a quote for your needed ABS extruded products!