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Plastic extrusion service

Dalilai – Expert Of Plastic Extrusion Profiles

Plastic Extrusion Company From China Ningbo, Custom various shaped profiles, offer soft and hard co-extrusion & two colors co-extrusion.

At Dalilai, we specialize in plastic extrusion services, helping customers develop custom plastic profiles for a number of industries. We understand the science, process and technology necessary to achieve superior plastic extrusion results. Our team of experts has significant experience in the field and is always pushing for precision and excellence. Let Dalilai bring the benefit of superior plastic extrusion to your project.

Our factory is specialized in the production of plastic profiles, tubes, rods, belts, strips and other specifications of extrusion processing, has 15 years of successful experience of plastic extrusion custom services, and constantly develop various high-tech extrusion parts and extrusion molds.

At present, the factory has a large number of high-quality talents with pioneering and creative, with modern standard workshops, workshops and warehousing—-using today’s latest extruders and exquisite extrusion molding experience to manufacture molds, provide normal plastic extruding, soft and hard co-extrusion & two-colors co-extrusion services.

We produced plastic extrusion products for all the world, had cooperated with more than 40 Countries & Regions. Products Widely used in household appliances, LED lightings, automotive parts, craft gifts, daily necessities, construction machinery and other industries.

Our Plastic Extrusion Services can produce different materials for extruded products, includes PVC, ABS, PE, TPE, PP, PU, TPU, PMMA, EVA and specially formulated modified engineering plastics.

Types of Plastic Extrusion

At Dalilai, we are experts in a wide variety of plastic extrusion processes. Our team can expertly craft many types of profiles, including tubes, channels, sticks, co-extrusions and more. We can also offer a range of shaped and radii sections, as well as custom solutions to meet unique needs. When it comes to plastic extrusion, we have the experience and expertise to make any profile you need.

Materials We Work With

Material Commonly Used for
Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Pipes, hose, window frames, cable insulation, blister packs
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Appliance housings, hose plumbing systems, refrigerator liners
Polyurethane (PU, TPU,HPPE) Seals, gaskets,  buffers , conveyor belts, hose tubing, fuel lines, toys
Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PE,TPE) Insulation, conduit, water and gas pipes, electrical wire, roofing
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Non-stick cookware, valves, gaskets, bearings, tapes
Polystyrene (PS) Food packaging, plastic utensils, foam coffee cups
Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Shoe soles, toys, gaskets, seals, adhesives
Polypropylene (PP) Food containers, brushes, carpets, auto parts, laboratory equipment
Acrylic (PMMA) Eyeglass lenses, signs, window glazing, aquariums
plastic extrusion
Plastic Co-extrusion

Functions & Applications of Plastic Extrusion

Using plastic extrusion, Dalilai can craft superior products for use in a variety of industries. Our plastic extrusion processes allow us to make products for automobile, construction, medical, electronic and optical industries. Plastic extrusion is useful for creating tubes, bars, hoses, rods, sheets, profiled and co-extruded products, food and beverage applications, and much more.

Plastic extrusion can be used to create a broad array of products from items such as medical tubing and conduit, to more advanced items like window frames, packaging materials and filaments. Our team can make custom profiles to meet the exact specifications for your product. As a top name in plastic extrusion, Dalilai has the experience and expertise to bring your ideas to life.

Plastic Extrusion Process

At Dalilai, we specialize in plastic extrusion and specialize in providing superior results with excellence and precision. The plastic extrusion process has four main steps:

  • Feeding: The plastic material is fed into the machine in the form of small pellets. This is done using a special feeder system that is calibrated to the right speed for the material. This is the most important stage of the process, as getting the correct speed and orientation of the plastic is paramount for quality output.
  • Heating: As the plastic passes through the machine, it is heated to the optimal temperature for extrusion. This is important for ensuring that the plastic flows correctly and also that it will cure correctly when it is molded.
  • Extruding: The extruder will then pressurize the heated plastic, forcing it through the extrusion die. This die determines the shape of the final product. The process is carefully controlled to ensure uniformity and accuracy in shape and size.
  • Cooling: Once the extruded plastic has formed the desired shape, it must be cooled so that it will cure correctly and maintain its shape. The cooling process is important in ensuring the plastic will form correctly and will not warp or deform.

What Shapes of Plastic Extrusion We can Produce?

Our company specializes in manufacturing high quality extruded plastic shapes for all your needs. From rods, tubes, angles, and channels and all shapes of profiles, to custom designed products.Our plastic extrusion service can produce a wide range of profile shapes, including but not limited to:

– Round profiles
– Square profiles
– Rectangular profiles
– Triangular profiles
– Hexagonal profiles
– Oval profiles
– T-shaped profiles
– L-shaped profiles
– U-shaped profiles
– C-shaped profiles
– Z-shaped profiles
– H-shaped profiles
– Customized and complex profile shapes as per the requirement

Plastic Extrusion, Plastic Extruded Profile s

Why Choose Dalilai for Plastic Extrusion?

At Dalilai, we have the experience and expertise to make sure that your plastic extrusion project succeeds. Our team of experts can customize any profile to meet your exact needs, offering superior results without compromising on quality. We understand that efficient outcomes and fast turnaround times are important and we strive to deliver the highest standards of performance and precision.

So when you’re in need of expert plastic extrusion services, let Dalilai take your project to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about what shapes of plastic extrusion we can produce for you.